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💥 42 Day Fitness Challenge 💥

Whether you want to lose weight, manage chronic pain, get healthy, build muscle or just start moving again, Koko is the place for you, with a plan for you


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💥 Beginner Fitness Program 💥

We get it. Getting in shape can be boring, difficult, or just plain annoying. That’s Why WE’RE OFFERING SOMETHING NEW!

🔥Workouts that excite, delight and actually provide results 🍱Custom Meal Plans That Don’t Taste Like Cardboard 💪Personal Accountability Coaches For Guidance 👋A Down To Earth, Fun Loving, Community Of Peeps Who Support Each Other 🍝A Grocery Shopping List And Restaurant Ordering Guide 💻An Online Group To Motivate And Educate

💥 42 Day Fitness Challenge 💥

Individualized fitness

Whether you are new to fitness, or are just starting over, our tech-driven systems are designed to individualize the experience especially for you. Each time efficient Koko workout lasts 15-45 minutes, just 2-3 times a week.

Individualized Coaching
30 Minute Strength Conditioning
15-Minute HIIT Cardio Training
Personalized Nutrition
💥 42 Day Fitness Challenge 💥

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"It's easy to fit into my schedule and truly a 'no-brainer'; I just show up, follow the program and I'm getting amazing results. Sure I've lost weight but more importantly, I'm leaner, stronger and have more energy..."*

Vanny R

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